David Parry-Smith, the founder of ChiBio Informatics, has been active in the world of bioinformatics since 1986 when he began research work for his PhD after he had taken a degree in Biophysics from the University of Leeds.

He has spent the last fifteen years applying bioinformatics in a commercial drug discovery context, prioritising drug targets and incorporating new bioinformatics technologies into the drug discovery workflow.

[Picture of David Parry-Smith at his desk in the ChiBio Informatics Cambridge (UK) office] In an industrial context, David Parry-Smith has built several bioinformatics groups, firstly at Pfizer and subsequently at Cambridge Drug Discovery (CDD), BioFocus (now BioFocus DPI part of Galapagos NV) and Purely Proteins.

At Pfizer in the early 1990s, David built up an advanced bioinformatics capability from scratch at a time when this technology was very new to the pharmaceutical industry. Bioinformatics became a crucial part of the drug discovery process when Pfizer entered into a genomics collaboration with Incyte. The results of analysis of the high-throughput EST sequencing programs conducted in house and in collaboration provided valuable leads for several projects. At this time he led both the sequencing and bioinformatics teams. David pushed the envelope of computational capability at Pfizer by introducing the use of Unix workstations and multiprocessing servers to process data. He programs in C and Java and modified his databases scanning algorithm to scale across symmetric multiprocessing systems under the Solaris Unix O/S.

At Cambridge Drug Discovery, a high-throughput screening and drug discovery services company which David founded in 1997 with colleagues from Pfizer, he developed the TargetBASE® system for interactively exploring family relationships between sets of drug targets, ligands and other pertinent data. The system has been licensed to Janssen (J&J), Cytomyx (now part of Millipore) as well as being used in revenue generating projects at CDD and BioFocus. The system is currently available under license from ChiBio Informatics Limited.

David was a co-founder of Cambridge-based Purely Proteins, a venture-backed business commercialising protein purification technology, pure proteins and associated database technology. At Purely Proteins he was first Chief Information Officer, then Chief Operating Officer and finally Chief Executive. Purely Proteins developed a catalogue of protein tyrosine phosphatase domains for sale as pure proteins. David worked on the project with Abcam to develop antibodies to these protein domains, some of which are still available at Abcam.

David has contributed to the study of biological sequences using rationally designed weight matrices derived from carefully researched alignments. He researched and implemented advanced systems for visualising alignments and efficiently scanning large datasets. He pioneered the implementation of colour interactive multiple sequence alignment systems before the widespread use of the modern PC.

[Picture of the front cover of Introduction to Bioinformatics] David is Co-author with his long-standing collaborator T K Attwood of Introduction to Bioinformatics (Addison-Wesley Longman, 1999). He has an extensive publication list in peer reviewed journals. David is an expert advisor and consultant to the Wellcome Trust in Bioinformatics, he has presented at conferences of the World Heath Organisation (Utilization of Genomic Information for Tropical Disease Drug and Vaccine Discovery Scientific Working Group and was a consultant to the Futures Project of the European Union.

[Picture of the front cover of Burger - Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery 6th Edition] He contributed an invited review on bioinformatics and drug discovery for the Sixth Edition of Burger's Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery (Wiley-Interscience, 2003), the first time bioinformatics had been included in this standard reference work.

Now, through ChiBio Informatics, David's wide and varied experience and expertise is available to clients.

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