The TargetBASE® system is a browser and information management tool for exploring family relationships between proteins that either are drug targets or are related to known drug targets.

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Central to the TargetBASE® experience is the flexible tree visualiser (reTreevTM), originally written in Java by David Parry-Smith. It enables you to see the relationships between target proteins at a glance. With clickable leaves and the ability to drill down to higher resolution trees, scrolling long lists in the web browser is a thing of the past.

Tree layout is a well known and non-trivial problem in phylogenetics. The reTreevTM algorithm is fast, accurate and flexible. It requires no added user input to determine the positioning of labels.

TargetBASE® contains curated information on the following families of protein targets

TargetBASE is available under commercial licence only from ChiBio Informatics Limited, which includes ongoing support. Access is free to academics - contact ChiBio for details. It is available in the following formats:

For a demonstration of data from the PDE and phosphatase families please contact ChiBio.

See the BioChinesTM page for further information on system requirements for a ChiBio Informatics BioChineTM.

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