Intelligent Informatics

David Parry-Smith specialises in designing innovative solutions for translational medicine and drug discovery. He has accumulated more than 20 years experience in creating informatics tools that help get the job done.

David understands both IT systems and genomics techniques. He knows how to interpret data from sequence analysis, through micro-arrays to high-throughput screens to systems biology and beyond.

More examples of David's work are added to this website from time to time. Take a look at the new release of TargetBASE® to see the range of skills available when you have David work with you on your molecular informatics project. [A collation of TargetBASE screenshots illustrating the Phosphatase family]

From hands-on technical solutions through workflow troubleshooting to IT management and contracting, David Parry-Smith and his associates have consistently demonstrated their ability to complete projects successfully on time and to budget.

To drive your informatics project forward, contact ChiBio Informatics today.

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